Carl The Fog

Carl The Fog

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 Carl The Fog is Ikon's blend of Rwanda and Mexico. Roasting for a profile of medium/dark with sweetness and full body, for a well-rounded cup of coffee. Grown thousands of miles apart but blended together to homogenize two different crops.

The combination of these two single-origin beans coming together happened by chance. Naturally, we want to highlight these two beans individually to showcase what the producers have grown for the year. A coffee accident turned fruitful, the transcending cup we had tasted was here to stay.

So why did we name it Carl The fog and spelled Carl with a "C" and not with a "K"? It's our homage to Carl Sandburg, a poet from Chicago who probably enjoyed a great cup of coffee while watching the fog roll in.

In San Francisco Bay, the infamous Karl The Fog is seen for most of the year. It makes for perfect coffee weather and the coffee that much more enjoyable.


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